Blue Skies

Photographer: Jason Hsu
Model: Kelleth Cuthbert (Next)

INSPIRATION - A Bobby-Brown inspired projection of natural beauty. Emphasis on enhancing model’s features and not necessarily changing them. As is usually the case, I got carried away and went deeper and more dramatic using a bright orange-based red lipstick and a deep black-navy shadow (blue + orange = complimentary!) to project a feeling of intensity in the last two shots.

TRY THIS AT HOME – Depending on what kind of woman you are, these looks can satisfy a variety of brides. You can either do the very natural gold-based pigments, omit the eyeliner and stick to a nude moist lip (the natural bride) or go right for the vintage Hollywood look with the crimson lip and the burst of highlighter on the cheek bone (the dramatic bride)! Don’t be afraid to play! Just try it out first before you go for it….OR CALL ME! ;-P

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